IZTECH “Research Directorate” was established with the Senate Decision No. 4 dated 25.02.2014 for the optimization of the processes of determining / monitoring / revision of research strategy and objectives. The main field of activity of the Research Directorate is to determine and update the research and development policies and objectives of the Institute and to regularly monitor and operate research activities. 

Another important function of the Research Directorate is to create an interface between Atmosfer TTO, established within Teknopark İzmir under the scope of TÜBİTAK 1513 Technology Transfer Office Support Program, and IZTECH researchers. The Research Directorate, including studies for technology transfer is responsible for ensuring the coordination of issues such as: 

-Collecting/evaluating all research data at IZTECH, 

-Directing relevant studies to TTO, 

-Disseminating TTO’s activities especially among IZTECH researchers and penetrating into the research ecosystem 

In line with IZTECH’s strategic plan, Research Directorate 

-organizes the fields of activity of the TTO, registers the competencies of researchers, 

-follows the equipment infrastructure, 

-manages changes in device inventory, 

-organizes the replacement of end-of-life devices with new ones.  

The most important basis in these matters is the Senate decision dated 18.04.2017 and numbered 3, which regulates the Principles and Principles of TÜBİTAK ARDEB Institution Share Expenditures. 

All research centers are affiliated to IZTECH Research Directorate and the Vice Rector responsible for research is IZTECH’s Research Director. 

In 2014, the Integrated Research Center was established with the project support of the Ministry of Development in order to gather the research centers in different buildings on campus under one roof and manage them more effectively and increase the interaction between researchers. All centers were affiliated with the Research Directorate to ensure the development of IZTECH in line with its research strategies. The Integrated Research Center started its activities in the summer semester of 2017. The Center, under the management of a Board of Directors consisting of the current directors of centers, has common areas, a meeting room, and a seminar room for 100 people. 

IZTECH Research Directorate provides training and consultancy services on legal, administrative, technical and budgetary issues and coordinates the relevant units in the application, realization and commercialization processes of the projects carried out or partnered by faculty members.  

On behalf of IZTECH, Atmosfer TTO in coordination with the Turkish Patent Information and Documentation Unit: 

-conducts trademark-patent-utility model application procedures, 

-informs researchers by organizing training events on Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights (IPR), 

-provides consultancy services on national and international funding programs, 

-follows the calls related to these projects and organizes project-specific workshops and trainings. In addition to these activities, Atmosfer TTO carries out university-industry cooperation and business development, incorporation and entrepreneurship activities. 

The Research Directorate organizes “subject-oriented” strategy meetings by inviting researchers from all relevant departments within the scope of focus area determination, organizes meetings and private consultations with relevant companies and researchers in Technopark Izmir to evaluate the research potential, and presents statistical analysis and forward-looking projections based on the data and research outputs obtained and presents them to the institute management. In addition, with the coordination of TTO, it plans to ensure the commercialization and technology transfer of academic knowledge produced by IZTECH researchers and carries out “facilitating” activities by matching research with commercialization potential with companies in Technopark Izmir or other R&D companies. 

In this context, being the strongest side of IZTECH, the “researcher human resources”, “accessible research centers”, “Technology Transfer Office”, “Technopark Izmir” and “Innovation Center” are structured especially for young entrepreneurs, constitute the research ecosystem of IZTECH. The guidance and coordination of this entire system in line with the strategies of the Institute is managed by the Research Directorate.